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Maui West Condos specializes in Concierge Real Estate services on Maui for:

    • Vacationers looking for a beautiful vacation rental,
    • Owners selling their home or property,
    • Investors seeking Maui income property.

And for those who want to Call Maui Home – You deserve expert Maui Realtor® representation. You have found your home right here.

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Make your way to Maui!

Getting to Maui can be a long trip for almost everyone, unless of course you live in Hawaii.

Check out these approximate distances: 

  • Boston: 5,027 miles
  • New York City: 4,900 miles
  • Atlanta: 4,420 miles
  • Miami: 4,770 miles
  • Chicago: 4,189 miles
  • Dallas: 3,714 miles
  • Phoenix: 2,837 miles
  • Seattle: 2,495 miles
  • Los Angeles: 2,490 miles
  • Tokyo: 3,961 miles
  • Sydney: 5,112 miles
  • New Zealand: 4,643 miles
Your travel plans may include a long flight but it is so worth the visit!